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30th April 2014

1:31pm: The Wordiest and Most Biased Guide to Tokyo Ever (Part 2 of 2)
See here for part 1 of this ridiculous guide (because apparently LJ wanted me to stop writing a few thousand words ago).  You can also check out my general guide for useful things to know in Japan.

West Side

Ikebukuro: An aquarium, a theme park, a planetarium and a looooot of shopping.Collapse )

Shinjuku: A ridiculous amount of shopping with some themed cafes/restaurants.Collapse )

Harajuku: Meiji Jingu Shrine and all the gothic, lolita and punk fashion you can stomach.Collapse )

Shibuya: Gyaru shopping, Hachiko and the Disney Store?Collapse )

Nakano Broadway: Nerd Heaven #2Collapse )

That's all.  Hope someone got some use out of my inane rambling.  If you enjoyed my guide and wish to show your gratitude, I accept tips in the form of cat memes, postcards and corn potage hard candy from Daiso (you have no idea how much I love these, and how much pain it causes me that I can't buy them anywhere at home).

25th March 2014

6:01pm: The Wordiest and Most Biased Guide to Tokyo Ever (Part 1 of 2)
(See here for part 2.)

Tokyo is the size of a small province in some western countries, except instead of one major "downtown" region, the whole city has many city centers, each one with a different focus from Ginza's high end designer shops to Roppongi's business district to the dense population of anime stores and maid cafes in Akihabara.  There are many districts that are widely covered in generic tour guides to make sure that every tourist knows about the red Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo (where Japan's Emperor resides).  My guide will cover those that I am most familiar with which happens to be a convenient Venn diagram of shopping, food and fandom...

Tokyo transit: brief overview of JR and MetroCollapse )

Group communications and free wifiCollapse )

Shipping Shit Home (a terribly written Japan Post overview)Collapse )

East Side

Asakusa: Sensoji Temple and kinda Skytree as wellCollapse )

IMG-20131230-00316(In my mind, this is what Ueno's all about...)
Ueno: Museums and Ameyoko, a fun shopping/fooding streetCollapse )

Akihabara: Nerd heaven and maid cafesCollapse )

South End

Odaiba: A fun and nerdy day on a man made island.Collapse )

Wrote too much for LJ to handle, whoops.  Split this into 2 posts now. See here for part 2.

23rd March 2014

12:32pm: Tokyo Guide for the Cheap and Nerdy
A guide written for my awesome, nerdy friends.

An intro to how I travel (and thus, what you can expect to see here).

I live for swag and food.  I love Japan for just this reason.  There is swag and food EVERYWHERE.  Although some people like to live the high life when they travel and visit stores of internationally renown brands, I prefer the busiest areas possible.  I love the hustle and bustle that only big city crowds can offer and in Tokyo, different parts of town offer up different crowd with different atmospheres.

Language requirementsCollapse )

Accommodations and Hostel/Hotel ReviewsCollapse )

Tokyo TransitCollapse )

Shopping! How to buy food/goods and some store types worth notingCollapse )

Individual area summaries and pictures coming next.

18th January 2014

6:02am: A different kind of Lucky Pack post

I finally achieved my ultimate lolita/shopaholic vacation this year, a lucky pack shopping trip!  I think it's now shifted from ultimate goal to annual addiction, hahaha.

Pre-New Years Lucky Packs at Marui Annex in Shinjuku, TokyoCollapse )

At the end of the day, luckee_cookie and I left with 7 LPs in total.  We were surprised and delighted to have made out with such an unexpected haul and an early start to our LP shopping.  Here's the content post of Luckee's LPs.

Please stay tuned for the actual New Years LP report which will be posted...eventually... OTL

11th February 2013

2:11pm: New "blog"
I've started what has basically turned into a technical manual for lolita over on Blogger.  OMG, what am I doing with my life? X_X

Did this to keep LJ a personal blog, where I do nothing but post pointless life updates set to private because I don't think anyone else would care anyway (although I suppose I will make an actual life update post viewable to others soon). XD

21st September 2012

3:09pm: Networking
I'm on the job hunt again.  Still working at the National Ballet, but job hunting for something more full time while I'm at it.  If anyone has any leads on anything remotely marketing/administrative/finance/business-related, please let me know.  I'm flexible to the point of almost insane.  Entry level positions and even reception are most welcome.

I have 1-3 years experience in customer service/finance/administration (through various jobs) and completed the requirements for a Marketing Certificate, although I'm still one term short of finishing my Marketing Diploma.  I do have my Bachelor of Science from University of Waterloo though, if the job requires completed post-secondary (and despite the fact that I've taken a complete deviation from science, the UW part of the degree still seems to have a certain level of wow factor). 

Feel free to prod me for more information if you're not sure I'd be appropriate for something you may be able to provide a referral to.

I've also joined Linked In.  My profile is located here (or if the hyperlink doesn't work for you).  I'm hoping that taking time to build my network will increase the number of job opportunities and expedite the job finding process a little. 

My friends have been a key factor to pretty much my entire career/job history and I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you guys.  Thank you and please, lend me your powers once again.

31st August 2012

1:07pm: Going camping
I've gone camping for the weekend with no internet access, so I've turned off my PMs until I return on Monday evening.  If you are trying to contact me regarding issues related to egl_comm_sales, please contact another moderator or comment in the ARC if the issue is urgent.

20th May 2012

11:07am: "The haul"
I spent a lot of time shopping in Japan.  I'm still jetlagging and words are hard when I can't brain, so here's a photo post documenting my shopping problems awesome stuff.

Between going nuts on claw games and all the sifting through 2nd hand merchandise stores, I got quite the stash of toys and figures.  Even still, I would have bought a lot more if I had more luggage space.

Thank God I had limited luggage spaceCollapse )

All the burandoCollapse )

Massive trip photo-post will follow shortly.

15th May 2012

6:28am: Home on jetlag schedule
Back from Japan.

We almost missed our flight home because Chris accidentally forgot his backpack on the JR (Japan Rail) subway on our way to the airport, but with the help of a full station of JR staff  to track down when the train we were on would loop around again, the no-questions-asked attitude of the Keisei Skyliner staff who changed our tickets to the next train without any hassle, and the most helpful Narita airport gate agent ever who pushed us through the staff entrance at every security check, we made it onto our plane just 10 minutes before the doors closed. 

It was actually an interesting experience at the Nippori JR/Keisei train station.  Apparently my knowledge of less than 10 words in Japanese plus my random flailing arms can get the point across decently in a pinch.

Will make massive photo post later.  I did so much shopping. X_X

For now, here's a short video of my now favourite conveyor belt sushi restaurant's sushi train delivering our food to us from the kitchen.

And my alpaca stash from the trip. >=D

25th April 2012

10:16pm: Going away, again
I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.  I'll be online here and there, but not on a daily basis.  I'll be back on the evening of May 14th.  If anyone needs to send me a message, comment here or give me an email ( and I'll check it when I get a chance to go online.

If you are looking to contact me regarding questions, a situation or whatever else on [info]egl_comm_sales, please see the mod availability post and PM a sales mod who has an "available" status for the quickest response time.

To switching things up from the usual picture of my cat, here's a video of Gypsy instead.  This was about a year ago.  I can't imagine how much cat fur must have accumulated under there by now...

6th February 2012

4:53am: My jetlag is screwed
I got back from Beijing 2 days ago (Saturday night), with a cold (urg).  I thought I did fabulously sleeping through most of the night and not getting up until 6am.  However, while Chris was at church on Sunday, I let myself have a little nap...and slept until 7pm. D=

It's almost 5am and I'm not the least bit sleepy.  I think my "nap" reset me completely to Beijing time. DX

In other news, I'm absolutely in love with the seats in 1st class now.  I got a random upgrade since my flight home got oversold and aside from getting a larger TV, REAL orange juice for breakfast and proper metal utensils, the seat lays out almost completely flat and is long enough I could sleep straight almost like a real bed.

However, I'm still cheap with my airfare and wouldn't pay the upgrade out of pocket next time I fly. -_-;;

Checking my F-list now and catching up w/ 2 weeks of EGL mod posts so I can be a useful mod again.  It's taking a long time. X_X

I think I'll go make myself some Chinese cold medicine brown fluid and pretend it's coffee... >_>;;

Anyone want to do something this week?  I feel really bored sitting around all day after 2 weeks of running around everyday (shopping) in Beijing.

22nd January 2012

5:51pm: Going away for a while
I'm leaving for Beijing tomorrow.  I'll be offline the entire time.  Not going to even try to get online if I can avoid it.  I'll be back on the evening of February 4th.  If anyone needs to send me a message, comment here or give me an email ( and I'll check it if I get a chance to go online, but more likely, when I get home.

If you are looking to contact me regarding questions, a situation or whatever else on egl_comm_sales, please see the mod availability post and PM a sales mod who has an "available" status for the quickest response time.

And as usual, to get people to spare a glance at this post, a picture of Gypsy.

13th December 2011

2:56pm: Kinda random
This is actually kinda important, so if anyone has a moment, please leave a quick comment.

What are some of your favourite "young adIult" books?  Like from late in elementary school and junior high (aka easy to read novels written for kids).

My mother's working with a publisher in China right now translating some western publications for Chinese readers.  Their next plan is to do some books for young adults (for tweens and early teens) since there's kind of a big hole in Chinese literature for kids of those ages.  The more recommendations, the better, since there's no telling how many of those books will be determined as "suitable" for Chinese readers by the publisher and out of those, how many they can actually obtain the rights to do the translation.

If you have a moment and can think about some of those easy-reading novels from way back, please let me know.  No list can be too long or too short.  Thanks!

12th December 2011

2:41pm: Ad Astra Art Show
So I volunteered to help with the art show at Ad Astra this year.  The applications just became available (was actually available last weekend, but I was too busy this week).  If anyone's interested or wants the info, PM me your email or email me at and I'll forward you the set of attachments and application.

24th October 2011

2:28pm: Some life updates
Life:  I started work/training at the National Ballet last week.  Got the interview opportunity thanks to kesteral and I prepped like MAD for that interview.  I'm glad I did since I still managed to get caught off guard by a couple of questions.  I'm really glad to be employed again, and everyone I've met so far is super awesome.  I've only been in the office so far, but for an enclosed room with no windows to the outside world, it's a remarkably easy going environment. XD

It's basically a customer service position and while not really a job for life, I think I really need it to "ease" back into being on a working schedule again.  A summer of working cons really doesn't lend itself to suddenly being back to 9-5.  I was also happy to get it since they're more than happy to work around my school schedule and I desperately want to finish school before I get distracted by life.  Helps that the performance schedules conveniently fit right around my planned vacations/conventions for the next year as well...

School:  I'm almost done the Marketing certificate now.  Started to look into options of how I can transfer schools to go after a full marketing degree.  Not really liking what I'm seeing so far, but I'm going to keep prodding and see how far I can get.  In any case, I definitely plan to at least do a full diploma now.  With the job at the Ballet, I actually have the freedom to switch to the full-time program (finish the diploma requirements very quickly) and still be employed at the same time.

Hobbies:  Ran myself ragged at New York Comic Con last weekend, but had a really good time.  Crashed at blackmarth's place.  Lots of good food, good company and awesome cats.  Nothing like waking up every morning of the con to a cat with permanent disapproving eyes telling you to get out of her house. XD

Cats make everything better.

I'm taking a break from conventions over winter.  I want to take some time to figure the school stuff out and quite frankly, traveling in winter has always been crazy stressful and I don't think there'll be any winter cons that I feel is worth the effort right now.

Instead, I'm obsessed with the internet again.  I joined the lolita community's moderating team at the beginning of the month and it's ADDICTIVE. *_*

I've been checking the mod queue to approve posts and stalking through posts to rule lawyer far more than I think is healthy, but it feels so satisfying to reinforce the rules.  I'm not OCD at all. DX

The Cat:  Gypsy's going to really hate winter.  She's spent so much time outdoors in the backyard (and in the neighbour's yard the several times she managed to escape).  She can't even stand to wait an hour before begging to be let outdoors now.  No idea how she's going to survive several months of snow.

27th September 2011

8:11pm: [Sale] 28 total wigs for sale (16 new wigs plus 12 reposted with discounts)
Part 2 of my massive wig clean-out.  Added another 16 wigs and lowered prices on most of the older wigs.

Read more...Collapse )

15th September 2011

3:30pm: [Sale] Buttload of 24 wigs, mostly new...price ranging from $10-35
Pre-script edit: I really hate LJ right now. The edit keeps F-ing with my LJ cut and formatting in a way that screws everything up even when I edit in HTML. I apologize an assload if one of my edits takes out my LJ cut and this massive post floods my F-list somehow. DX

I've mostly stopped cosplaying (only make 1-2 new costumes a year now) and decided I really don't need my entire  stash of wigs anymore.  Sadly, this post is still only a fraction of the wigs I own (cause I'm a packrat and haven't convinced myself to part with the rest yet).

Read more...Collapse )

8th September 2011

6:30pm: Job Stuff
Looking for a Job
Does anyone have any experience with employment agencies?  Or just have a good understanding of them?

Decided to write off temp agencies for the time being.  Not really looking for super short term work.  Would rather a minimum of a 3 month contract position although I might fold if I don't land something otherwise.

Currently trying to lay out a plan regarding how I want to attack applying for jobs.  Debating if going to employment agencies would be a good idea, but aside from my cousin loving them (although he has a LOT more qualifications and fancy degrees than me), I don't know much about them.  Any info/stories/advice would be appreciated.

My laptop died completely, so I ordered a new computer from Dell.  Got the shipping notice today and plan to start applying for jobs like mad as soon as it arrives.  No idea if I'll land anything anytime soon.  I plan to apply for almost any kind of reception,administrative, finance or marketing job that I'm remotely qualified for.  If anyone has any leads or recommended sites aside from the usual Workopolis and Monster, I'd love to poke around some more niche/specific sites.  This is quite a deviation from my last time doing massive job applying (when I was still looking for sciency stuff right out of university), so any help is good help.

Seneca sucks
If there's not going to be class, send out an email.

I'm pretty irritated at Seneca right now.  I got 2 emails that the support staff strike is on, but nothing about night classes this week being cancelled.  I went to school and wandered around aimlessly for about 20 mins not even knowing where my class was (cause there's no postings and no support staff to tell us where to go) before I overheard a phone conversation that classes were postponed until next week.

In terms of how school's been going, I've been pretty happy with things.  For the first time in my life, I'm maintaining straight A's.  Definitely working a lot harder than I have in the past, but I still don't find most of the courses very challenging. 

My economics prof last term was brilliant (and looked exactly like Senor Chang at an older age).  His lecture style was a little dry, but his knowledge was endless and chatting with him was always very interesting.  Damn, it was a hard class though.  I would have been surprised at the difficulty level in a university, much less as an "intro" course (although 500-level intro course) at Seneca.

Business Certificate is now completed and I'm hoping to maintain my 80+ average through the rest of the credits needed for the Marketing Certificate (and subsequently my Marketing Diploma).

Depending on how the job hunt/situation is by spring, I might do school full time in the fall since I can finish the diploma requirements in 1 term at that point.  If my resume so far doesn't please potential employers, hopefully having a diploma will do some good (in addition to my 4 year old science degree)..

2nd September 2011

4:36pm: FREEEEDOM!!!
I finally have time again.

Victoria, still feel like a bead swap?  I have time now. =D

I never thought I could sign up for enough cons to almost work myself to death.  Seriously, I wasn't even this busy and tired back when I was pulling ridiculous amounts of overtime at Cossette.

My travel/con schedule for the past 2 months (with my end of term school assignments and exams inserted to fully demonstrate my insanity):

July 15-17 - Polaris (Art Show)
July 20-26 - San Diego Comic Con (Art Show)

(term project due July 26th, submitted electronically from San Diego)
July 27-Aug 1 - Otakon (Staff and Dealers Room)
(term research paper due Aug 3rd, submitted in class)
(Final exams Aug 8 and 10, written on campus)
Aug 11-15 - Otakuthon (Dealers Room)
Aug 25-28 - Fan Expo ("Artist Alley")

*brain implodes*

Polaris was smooth.   I spent most of my Saturday at the Asian night market down the street eating things on a stick with Chris and Sonia.  Went to a couple of panels, saw a couple of guests.  I've signed myself up to help run the art show next year.

San Diego Comic Con
Best ever.

Death Otakon
Otakon and Otakuthon was probably the worst of it all.

I worked over 20 hours at Otakon on staff stuff (did registration, and it was a lot of fun and met lots of nice people) and spent all the rest of my time in dealers.  Thankfully shared a dealers' table with Squid and Jaimy, so I had relatively little stuff and didn't stress too much.  The staff bit was definitely fun though, even if I did end up with 7am shifts on 2 mornings (which were almost kind of fun to work).  I'm planning to go back on staff next year if at all possible and planning to sign up for as many 7am shifts as possible.  Days feel so long and productive when you get up that early. XD

Dealers was pretty shitty despite our fabulous location near the entrance though.  Not like we were all in the red, but the amount earned definitely was not to scale with a con that size.  Other dealers we talked to felt similarly.  None of us plan to do dealers again next year.  It's a busy time of year to begin with without all the stress without enough reward.

Otakuthon was a great weekend, aside from being IMMEDIATELY after my last final.  I finished my last final on Wednesday night at 10pm and we got up at 7am the next morning to start loading the car and drive out.  The convention itself was great though.  Despite hearing about all sorts of other drama going around the con, I never left the dealers' room during con hours and Elaine (the dealers' room manager) was awesome as usual and no one had much to complain about.  I had a good time and at a lot of meat.  Lauralee described our weekend as "dealers room, smoked meat, sleep, repeat".  Pretty accurate.

Fan Expo
Fan Expo = not nearly as much fail as expected.  Actually, it was pretty okay.  Already pre-booked for next year.  I was greatly entertained by the dismay of the pre-booking guy at the exhibitors desk outside of the dealers' room who was handling wads and wads of cash in the middle of the most crowded hallway.  The average cost of a dealers table is about $700 and nearly everyone was pre-booking with cash payment, so imagine how much more cash he had in a metal box (not a safe) behind a folding table than ANY dealer would have had over the weekend.

As I've been saying all weekend, I'll give credit where credit is due.  Hobbystar really outdid themselves this year and put some serious planning into evening out the traffic flow into the dealers' room.  There was decent traffic even in the back end of the artist alley and lack of a giant pile up of people near the entrances when I had to make food runs.  Had a rather good year.

Going to plan next year much more carefully and try not to destroy my brain again.  I did get great marks on my term projects/paper that I mostly completed during SDCC and Otakon though.  I think there must be some sort of paradox on doing school assignments at conventions.  Be distracted; get good marks.

For now, I've got a relatively mellow fall and nearly nothing all winter.  Going to take a break from cons and see about finding a real job.

20th April 2011

8:15am: See y'all in 2 weeks
Oh yeah, so I forgot to mention I'm going to Beijing again.

In the waiting area at Pearson Airport right now.  Will be back in 2 weeks.  Limited internet until then.

In other news, Gypsy knocked over and broke a vase as Chris and I were heading out the door.  Thankfully Chris is handy with glue and will try to see what he can do to fix some of the damage, but this is not boding well for the likelihood of me returning to a trashed house... -_-;;;

Have a fluffy sleeping kitten photo that does not properly represent her destructive powers.

12th March 2011

10:04am: In the wake of the Japan earthquake
I feel bad for the people of Japan who were effected by the earthquakes and their side effects, but I think I feel worse that I'm more so fascinated by the natural disasters (I LOVE tsunamis) and the situation surrounding their nuclear power plant.

It's probably directly related to my obsession with disaster/apocalypse (natural and man-made) shows and programs, but I can't get enough of the science/tech talk that goes into analyzing each and every disaster.

Am I a horrible person? >_>;;

(PS, just FYI, I honestly hope for the people's safety, but I can't help but be fascinated by the disaster situation themselves)

8th March 2011

3:45pm: American friends?
I special ordered an item from a store in NYC.  The store offers international shipping, but they've already told me that they WILL declare full value and as "merchandise" which will end in horrifying customs fees for me.  They're also a store, which means shipment to anywhere in NY state would mean I'd have to pay sales taxes as well.  I'd like to avoid customs and sales taxes, sooo...

Would anyone state-side (that's NOT in New York state) would be willing to let me borrow their address and then send the package to me?  I can send you money for postage by paypal anytime and I'd love you long time.

24th February 2011

12:44am: Con + artist alley reviews, in a photo-heavy way
I've been really lazy about posting lately.....oh well, nothing new there.

Going to get to it, but first, have an awkwardly cropped, most unflattering picture of Gypsy ever for those who really couldn't care less about my con ramblings.

New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest...may contain face-steak and WobbuffetCollapse )

Worst Artist Alley Ever--I mean, KatsuconCollapse )

11th February 2011

2:34pm: Canon 5D for sale
Putting my mom's Canon 5D up for sale on eBay.  She bought a 5D Mark II just over a year ago and we finally got around to selling her 5D just now.  Also selling a Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Image Stabilizer USM Autofocus lens (I had to copy and paste that cause it's so dang long).  Both starting from $20US, no reserve.  If a local happens to buy it, pick up is possible (or if it's someone from my F-list that I'll see eventually, I have no problem bringing it with me to an upcoming con or gathering and handing it over in person so you won't have to pay shipping).

Anyway, please check out the auctions if you're at all interested.  Both are in great shape.  the 5D has about 17000-19000 shots/shutter clicks taken with it, so it still has about 90% of it's lifespan left (my mom's one of those photographers that would rather take 2 hours to set up a shot rather than take multiple shots and pick the best one).

(PS, for anyone that's curious, the listing doesn't sound super broken English cause I helped her edit/translate it so that it's accurate.)

Click the link or photos to go to the auctions.

Feel free to comment or message me or whatever with questions.  I've already been bombarded with questions from people on eBay.  Starting to understand the stats for the camera as well as my mom. DX
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